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Name: Mike
Location: New Milford, NJ
Reason for sale: likely moving next year and I was slowing down my interest. End up buying a new car and rather play with that toy/hobby.

I will be taking everything down next weekend and placing into the garage.

Whats for sale?
Setup has been up for about 2 years equipment is all around that age. I have most of the big item original boxes.
Full IM30ext setup - tank and aluminum stand
Lights: Orphek Atlantik V4 with bluetooth upgrade (didnt upgrade LEDs)
Wavemakers: 2 AI Nero 3s
1 - Return pump dont remember exact model
IceCap sump
Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer
Titanium heater
1 - 160 gal red sea blue bucket just use 1 cup for water change
Apex EL
5 stage RODI
DJ panel
2 bubble Magus 2 head dosers
Container for dosing
Container for top off
I used my apex to top off daily using a toms aqua lifter 5 minutes run time during the day then 10 minutes at midnight and keeps my water level on point.
Hanna Test kits

I have side cabinets for the extra equipment.

20gal brute container
I used TV brackets to hang the orphek so I can give those as well.

Small extras everywhere.

Turbotwister UV
Tunze fuge light
Flipper viewer
Pippettes for coral feeding

Asking $1,500

Extra available
A sq420x par meter with wand. +200

You really wont need anything.
You can do a trident and swap out dosers for another or CaRX.
You'll want new filter socks. Red sea works fine. No filter cups will fit. Possibly just swap the sump for something newer to go filter fleece.

Otherwise, you are pretty much set to enjoy.
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Advanced Reefer


Advanced Reefer
Now parting out. I sold remaining live items and ready to clean out the tank.

Apex el - 325.
AI nero 3 (2) - 225
Orphek Atlantik V4 - 325
RO/DI - 125-150 - comes with an additional new membrane and DI resin. The filters were recently replaced and have less than 100gallons processed.
IM30 ext with stand - 350
IceCap sump - 100
Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer - 75
Return Pump - 50
DJ power Panel - 25
Reef Keeper for additional outlets and control - 100
Hanna test kits/Sailfert kits - 90$
Tunze fuge light - 50$
Top off container and toms aqualifter - 75$
Eshopps dosers (2) + container - 200$
Red Sea Blue bucket - 50$
Plus extras

Flipper viewer - 20$
Titanium heater - 25$
Extra eheim heater - $15
5gal home depot bucket with pump and heater for mixing - 10$

Eshopps alpha coral holder - 15$

Par SQ420x with wand - $200
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Last live items have left the tank.

I will be breaking down the tank in the coming days.

Tank and stand must go together.

Everything else is up for grabs.

I dont like selling things without cleaning them first. So unless your anxoius to get it. It'll be updated when ready to go.

Pick up only unless you are paying the shipping fees.

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