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Hello All,

Looking to sell my full setup and all the creatures. I prefer to sell to one person and not break it up. I will be upgrading soon and want to start fresh.

Set up includes
40 gallon tank
Canister filter
HOB refugium
HOB skimmer
2 AI Primes ( this is not included in the set up price, will be extra if interested)

Corals/ Fish
2 Mocha Clowns
1 Blue chromis
Tons of snails and an emerald crab
10 Rock flower nems
Various assortment of shrooms( 9 total 5 types)
4 head hammer
Neon green octospawn
Pink octospawn
JF fox Zoas
And some other assorted stuff.

I will give you everything I have fish related (chemicals, tubing etc)

Tank has been running for over two years and is thriving. Tons of coralline algae. Located in Rockland County.
I’m looking to get $850 for the whole thing, I’m pretty sure the corals are worth close to that alone

Please text me at 8455219525 if you are interested
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