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Hey all, wanting to get out of the hobby as a whole. Seeking $800, ideally out the door in one go. All items were bought new. System is running a freshwater planted setup so it will need to be broken down. We can either do it together or you are welcome to come back another time after looking at the system in running order. If you don't want to keep the freshwater livestock, then let's work together to find someone to take it for free.
  1. Glass cages 48Lx18Wx10H (37 gallons). Low iron on three sides, pre-drilled, plumbed, etc.
    1. Eshopps overflow, loc-line returns
    2. Fully hard plumbed with manifold, the best fittings & unions, gate valves, etc. Orange piping, grey fittings. Gate on the drain, levers on the manifold and return, unions all throughout
    3. BRS small reactor inline on the manifold, attached to the tslot stand, super clean setup
  2. Custom T-Slot stand with all supporting materials (foam and wooden platforms + divider). It also has feet so you can adjust its level. The top of the tank at its rim sits at ~53 inches. Stand has frosted acrylic panels that use a button system to attach. Some of the fasteners have detached (adhesive) but I have extras of all parts.
  3. Trigger Ruby 36" sump and matching 10 gallon ATO reservoir
    1. Tunze ATO system
    2. Innovative marine HELIO 200w heating system (dual 100w heaters)
    3. Sicce Syncra SDC 6.0 return pump w/ wifi control (You can control your pump remotely)
  4. White 36" Aquatic life hybrid T5HO light with matching white wall mount. This is a non-dimmable unit. Currently running bulbs with a spectrum for planted tanks.
  5. 1 x Vortech MP10
  6. Spectrapure 90gpd RO/DI unit. Highly encourage you to change out all filters
  7. Aquatic Life Buddy booster pump
  8. Very large bin full of items
    1. Hydor E-SK 600 skimmer. Possibly missing a piece but in fully functional order
    2. Many misc things like fittings, plumbing, loc line, misc pumps



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