Long Island, NY
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DSA 225 gallon (72 x 27.5 x 27.5) plumbing is 3x 1” drains and 2 x 3/4 returns
Comes with tank and custom hood and stand. (**sump with plumbing upped to 1.5” bean animal gate valve**).

Tank does have some scratches.
Hood has a radion rail mounting system for the older style mounts cut it in the middle so lights slide in and out. I do have 3 x radion xr30 gen 4 pros which I’d sell separately.
I’ll give the sump with the tank. The sump does have a small leak in it. I fixed it (quick patch). But I would redo it, as it’s not the prettiest job.

Would be interested in trading for a pair of radion xr30 blues. Possibly a pair of kessil A360x or best offer.

If you take the tank as is (dirty) I’ll also give you a radion gen 3 pro. (Might need a new fan). Finnex 800W heater, 4 filter floss media cups, 5 buckets of dry rock I had sitting in my backyard, avast marine spyglass reactor small (Needs pump)

Going to need 3-4 guys to move it.

Pick up 11530

Have other stuff available in another thread


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