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Queens, NY
Will be moving in a few weeks, listing fish for sale, all wild caught and been living with me for years.
Available for pick up after Monday Feb 6.
Also have some random mounted SPS corals, free to whoever wants them, with the hope of trading them back in the future.
Milka stylo, orange digitata, random favias, etc, nothing fancy

Fish will be available for pick up in February. Looking for reimburstment at reasonable prices, but more importantly, a good home in established aquariums, as I expect them to be alive for years to come, (not placed into a boxing arena). If you have a large (75gallon+) aquaruim, I will be more inclined to give you the fish at 25% less retail costs. (you must have a manahttanreef rating for discount).

Do not take any fish that conflict with yours. My fish are split between the main 75 and the 40 frag tank. (which is why I have duplicates).

All fish have been quarantined for 4 weeks (hyposalinity) when first introduced and I believe the last of the resident ich may have died out by now, (as I have not added a fish since last summer and haven't seen ich recently.)
All fish (except dragonettes) eat new life spectrum and I have gone though great difficultly in training them. (as many have also died while in quarantine, so these are the hardiest).
Some of the tangs have been trained onto bryopsis I will specify. (All tangs will eat hair algae as I have been training them using the algae scrubber). As you can see, I have almost no algae growth in the fish zones, as the fish do ALL the work.

link for 1 minute of current viewing, all fish are in pristine condition.
Will post photos as requested.
Pick up only Rego Park, 11375 I'm located at the 67th Ave subway station (R/M trains)
Paypal to hold

1 yellow tang (4 inch+) $350 Steve
1 yellow tang 4 inch $300 mrfish888
1 pacific sailfin tangs 1 large 5-6 inch, (large eats bryopsis) $70 mrfish888
1 pacific sailfin tang med 4 inch $40 sandeep1920
1 foxface 1 large 6 inch, $60 mrfish888
1 foxface med 4 inch (both eat bryopsis) $40 medium cthoughts1
1 scopas (less than 4 inch) $30 cthoughts1
1 orange lined bristle mouth (less than 4 inch) $30 sandeep1920
1 kole tang (4 inch) $220 mrfish888
1 powder blue (5-6 inch) (eats bryposis) $140 arnaldo24
1 powder brown (4 inch) $50 heuerfan
1 (not quite yet) pair (2 females) Japanese swallowtail angel (3 inch) $130 pair rob456
1 pair Lamark swallowtail angel (4 inch transitioning male, 5 inch female) $150 mrfish888
1 pair mandarin dragonette Synchiropus splendidus $70 pair (gravid female) pending jamesmost
1 pair spotted dragonette Synchiropus picturatus $70 pair (gravid female) ohana888
1 pair scooter blenny dragonette Synchiropus ocellatus $25 cthoughts1
1 extra pair scooter blenny dragonette $25
misc damsels about one dozen, mostly Chrysiptera, all small species (2 to 3 inches) $5-10 addition to your pick up. yellow tail, royal, springer pair, tabot, vanderbilt chromis, Neopomacertrus bankieri breeders, Pomacentrus coelestis pair.

1 female peacock anemone shrimp $15 sandeep1920
1 skunk cleaner $15 christophercarbuccia
1 blood red cleaner $20 christophercarbuccia
2 Floridian pincushion sea urchins. $10 both, sandeep1920
All the snails and hermit crabs you can catch, free addition to your pick up.

EDIT just found them 1/23/23
1 pair of blue coral banded shrimps, ($40) rican4lyfe
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Queens, NY
i have received another response for the yellow tang and understand they are now available from Hawaii. I don't want to price gouge anyone, I don't know how much it's worth now, and will take market rate, which I'm told is around $300. I will also lower my sale price to Steve accordingly.
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