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Rating - 100%
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Took my tank down, selling all components:

Items and prices listed below. Pickup in Flushing.

Reefer XR15w G5 Blue with Tank Mount System x2
New Cost: $500 each for the light and $125 for the Tank Mount System ($625 total)
Price: $425 each or $800 for both

AI Nero 5 x2
New Cost: $240
Price: $175 each or $300 for both

Ecotech Vectra M1
New Cost: $375
Price: $200

Reefer 300 Skimmer
New Cost: $370
Price: $275

Icecap Turf Algae Scrubber Pro Medium (In Tank Version)
New Cost: $360
Price $250

Lifeguard Aquatics Turbo Sideflow Reactor Medium
New Cost: $90
Price: $50

Aquamaxx Sigma 2 In Sump Reactor
New Cost: $100
Price $50

Hydros Set Up:
Control 2
Control XS
2 Thin Temp Probes
3 Quad Power Strips
ATO Kit (Pump and Tubing)
2 Water Sensors
1 Triple Water Sensor
1 Skimmer Sensor
1 Auto Feeder

New Cost: $675
Price: $425

If you're interested in purchasing all items:
Price would be $2300 but will sell all for $2000
Rating - 100%
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AquaFx Barracuda 100GPD RO/DI System, will need new membranes/filters
New Cost: $220
Price: $100

Will also throw this (and all other pumps, supplements, additives, foods, tubing etc) if someone purchases all the equipment. It is everything needed for a thriving large reef tank!

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