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Hi folks!

I'm really excited, and extremely grateful, to have been made an official part of the forum team.

My motivation behind the "Science" theme of this particular forum is to foster discussion in two primary forms:

1) Share and discuss the goings-on of the scientific community. Post for discussion, question, and comment things such as scientific press releases and journal articles you find interesting or relevant. In other words, let's have discussions about science being done that is directly and indirectly tied to our hobby. Topics welcome here are as broad as the day is long: coral biology, reef ecology, chemistry, conservation, environmental and oceanographic topics, and climate change.

2) Discuss evidence-based topics specific to captive reefkeeping. How can we apply the scientific method in the most accessible ways possible to our hobby? How can make use of "evidence" and "data" in our daily reefkeeping endeavors?

My one caveat is that science denialism will not be tolerated. This is a science forum. Ask questions, examine evidence, discuss hypotheses. Leave rhetoric at the door.

Many thanks and I'm really looking forward to what we all come up with to enrich the new topic-based forums!

-Chris Maupin


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Manhattan Reefs
Queens, NY
there is a post on here regarding the use of a wave maker on 6 second intervals that apparently raises Alkalinity. im going to find and post it on here so it can be moved if possible!


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The post was saying that the 6 seconds increases alkalinity consumption by the hard corals. I'm giving that A go and will report findings. Day three shows soft corals looking plumper.

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