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Let?s start the forum with a discussion about biomimicry or following in the footsteps of Mother Nature. It is a concept that we strive for and succeed in many facets of the hobby. Don?t you love the new LED lights, the amazing advances in programmable flow, and the ability to control temperature and water quality? Do we not all agree these have been game changers? Likely, the most important aspect is the knowledge base. It starts with online forums just like this and must also exists in the local pet stores, the local clubs, and the online communities. Biomimicry is easy and we know that consistency is another variable in successful reef keeping. As you are Mother Nature for your tank, you have the ability to mimic her or challenge her with programmable changes and dietary modifications. Some succeed but I bet many end up stressing some but not all inhabitants. Nutrition and its ugly end Waste Removal and to the point of this forum.
I am going to use a human analogy as we discuss fast food vs healthy foods. Fast foods are by definition fast, convenient, cheap, and generally taste good. But, could you do fast food permanently? How would it affect your health and your waste disposal both short term and long term? The fast food industry is morphing towards adding healthy to that list.
Biomimicry doesn?t have to be absolute. Read my blog on ?What is Healthy Nutrition?? on The more you know?

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