Eric Borneman

Advanced Reefer
Hi everyone:

First, i would like to apologize for the delay in getting the grades and this report back to you. When we scheduled this class, i was in a relatively narrow time frame in which i would be able to adequately perform my duties as an instructor. Because of the few weeks where we took a week off for catch up, or because of travels or administrative difficulties, I ran well beyond my "open time frame" into an area where there was no time left to attend to the class. I amv ery sorry for any inconvvenience of disappointment this may have caused.

Also regrettable was the inability to effectively manage the class through adminstrator protocols. The access was finicky to non-existent throughout much of the class, and entailed a lot of problems with quizzes, chat access, password issues (for me, at least), limitations on access priviledges, requirements of appropriate file sizes/formats, the quiz program that should have been simple and easy but with extremely significant limitatiosn for both instructors and students, etc.

The last two quizzes were never able to be seen or properly taken, and I never heard or knew why. Thus, those quiizzes are "freebies" and those of you who took them might me interested to see the answers which I am uploading to the quiizes folder immediately after this letter is sent. Ultimately, those grades would ot have affected the final scores of the class since the two highest scoring persons wee far more than twenty points ahead of the rest of the class, and the spread between the high scoring student and the second highest were thirty points apart.

I have also compiled a final report for those of you who did the labs and the course project (only one student turned in a final course project). This is unfortunate, because as you will see, there is very valuable data here that will be used to benefit unavailable to date, to my knwoeldge. had everyone done these projects, our hobby would have beneiftted greatly from this information. But, I realize the course load was high, and recognize that you, as I, had many other constraints that limited your participation in the class.

Finally, I wish to thank all of you, and especially those very few of you who made it to the end of the class, and especially to the even fewer of you who spent time alone or virtually alone with me in the chats over the final three or four weeks of the class. Though you may not have had the high scores, you get my personal kudos for your efforts and dedication to the class. You have likely gained more than the rest!

I have long said that women make better reefkeepers than men in most cases, and in fact, it seems women do most things better than men when you think about it. This class proves that point well/

The high score in the class goes to Christy with 149 points. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTY!!

The second high score in the class goes to Mickey with 119 points.

The other class scores will be posted in the downloadds folder, along with the reports for the class. I trsut the will find the appropraiet place for these documents for use by the aquarist community, and that they can arrange for other reports in the future to increase the significance of this report across all species. This is the type of information that can gretaly beenfit the hobby, and if any of you want to use your skills to repeat these studies toincrease the database, I would highly suggest you do so, for you are all the future of this hobby. Best of luck to all of you, and happy reef keeping.

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