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Common names: pulse coral, anthelia, pom pom coral

Difficulty Level: Anthelia are some of the best beginner corals available. They are usually very tolerant to most conditions, cheap and easily found. They also grow explosively under nearly any conditions, but be cautious as they can overtake a tank quickly?

Feeding: These corals are primarily photosynthetic though some think they may have the ability to absorb nutrients through their feather-like fingers.

Lighting (Level 3 to 10): Anthelia can be adapted to almost any lighting though faster growth will be seen under higher lighting conditions. Keep in mind that they grow towards the light source, so place them tactfully in relation to other corals and the light position.

Water flow:*Anthelia will thrive under nearly all flow conditions though they are typically more impressive under higher flow with longer stalks developing.

Placement:*Anthelia is one of the fastest growers available to aquarists and careful thought should be put into placement. Remember that it will grow towards the light so try to keep corals out from between it and its light source


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