Getting mushrooms to attach

Alfredo De La Fe

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I got a bunch of mushrooms over the last few weeks... I also got a vortech MP40. My mushrooms end up floating around the water until they disappear under or behind a rock. Any ideas to get them to attach to coral rubble?


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Put them in a container, in time they will attached to the rubble. You could also do the same in your sump. They attach pretty fast too.


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you can use netting, from fruit, to hold it down to a specific rock location, then rubber band the netting in place.
Or place them in a tall glass in the main tank, with rubble on the bottom of the glass.


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This sounds ridiculous but I've used it with other softies and its worked..

Take a needle and thread and go through the base of the stem. Then tie the thread to a small piece of rubble rock. After a few days the coral with attach to the rock.


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I second the container idea, i usually take a small plastic mesh pot used for pond plants put some rubble in it then clip it to the side of the tank for a week or so.