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I setup a 120g. 4x2. I have some predtor fish in it. A bluethroat Trigger and a v tail grouper. The v tail is 4". Trigger 4.5". I also added 3 female BTT to keep the male out and about. I have some corals. Several GSP rocks. A Paly rock. Two heads of Frogspawn. A small Zoa, some Kenya Tree... and a few others. Was going to set the corals first and maybe get into the fish later. Anyway the coral interfere with keeping the fish. Or more so my need for having more corals does. Due to the different flow requirements and the need to find them the right spot in interferes with me running pumps the way I want. I like the corals. Just wondering if I should get rid of all the corals and concentrate on the fish. I also have three heads of trumpet coral. Main thing is the Triggers have pushed the Grouper out of his spot. The extra coral rocks dictacte my landscaping to me more than allowing me to scape it. The grouper will get larger and they won't be able to bother him. But even then I guess some of these larger coral rocks need to go. He likes to sit in open caves on the bottom. I have had Triggers and Groupers before.

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