Hello all,
Sound Aquatics LLC is moving! We have enjoyed our time in Thornwood, NY but to better serve this community and bring our vision to life, we have decided to relocate. Specific locations details are to come, but southern CT will be our new home.

Because we will also be moving some equipment, livestock needs to leave the store. ALL livestock will be between 30%-70% off until closing on Saturday, May 6 (5pm). (Stocklist at the end of this post).
After Saturday, the Sound Aquatics LLC store in Thornwood will be permanently closed.


See below for what is staying in the store & will come with the purchase of the store lease.

- No water bill
- Any livestock remaining after our closing

- 100 gallon MaRS retail system
- 180 gallon system with attached 75 gallon live rock bin
- 300 gallon display tank
- 3 XL protein skimmers
- 3 RODI units (400GPD total)
- 2 55 gallon RODI water bins
- 45 gallon mixing bin
- Mini fridge & chest freezer
- Garage storage area with ALL contents (Red Sea Reefer 250 G1, 150gal custom tank with custom stand, 120gallon tank stand, misc. rocks, tanks, bins, glass covers, etc.)
- Back storage area with misc. items
- 2 6ft shelves & wall displays
- Glass showcase & checkout desk
- Wall-mounted 45in Roku TV
- Neptune Systems Apex
- Full ADT security system

Call 203-223-9546 to speak with me regarding details/if you have questions. Or email [email protected].


Gem Tang (4-6in) $200
Ornate Leopard Wrasse (4in)
Orange Linckia Starfish (2-3in) $5
Algae Blenny (3in) $10
Firefish (1.5-2.5in) $8
Green Chromis (1-2in) $2
Hector's Goby (2in) $7
Longnose Hawkfish (2-3in) $18
Maroon Clownfish (2in) $10
Ocellaris Clownfish (1-2in) $8
Ocellaris Clownfish (2-3in) $12
Purple Tang (3-4in) $70
Red Tooth Niger Trigger (8in) $40
Tessalata Eel (14in) $100
Tomato Clownfish Pair (1in & 3in) $25
Undulated Trigger (4-5in) $30
Yellow Watchman Goby (1in) $10
Banded Trochus Snail $1
Blue Eye Hermit Crab $5
Chocolate Chip Starfish (3in) $5
Cleaner Shrimp (2in) $12
Fire/Blood Shrimp (2-3in) $20
Feather Duster $15
Halloween Hermit Crab $5
Nassarius Snail $1
Sexy Shrimp (1in) $4
Cocoworm Dusters (Pink/Red) $15
Magnificent Biscuit Starfish (1-2in) $5
Anemone Assortment $20/each
Green Star Polyp Rock $30
Mushroom Rocks $30
Zoanthid Rocks $30


Experienced Reefer
amazing sale going on, I went a lil crazy with my sousing lmfao, I want to go again..... If anyone was looking for a reason to stock up on stuff this is definitely your chance

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