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Manhattan Reefs
Denver, Colorado
Common names: bird?s nest coral

Difficulty Level:Birdsnest is one of the most forgiving SPS corals. While they still require higher lighting, flow and more stable chemistry, they are generally much more forgiving.

Feeding: Birdsnest has extremely small polyps and only the ability to capture the smallest items. Feeding is not usually needed in a well lit reef. Plankton foods are likely most beneficial.

Lighting (Level 6 to 10): These corals easily adapt to all medium to high light conditions, and they do it relatively easily. Less acclimation is needed, but care should still be taken.

Water flow: Moderate to strong flow is needed to keep these corals clear of debris. The higher the flow, the tighter a colony will usually grow.

Placement: Birdsnest has small stinging tentacles which enables it to clear a path and continue growing. When placing these in an SPS reef, take care to give them plenty of room to grow.

General: Stable calcium and alkalinity is a must with these corals


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