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Denver, Colorado
Common names: Thorn coral

Difficulty level: Stylocoeniella is a very sensitive SPS coral with stable alkalinity, calcium, nutrient levels and full spectrum lower lighting being a must.

Feeding: As with most SPS corals, small suspended particulate food will be accepted.

Lighting: Thorn coral is a semi-cryptic low light coral that seems to need a fuller spectrum. Many times they thrive even in shade or on the back wall of aquariums.

Waterflow: As with most SPS, higher flow is a must for styloC.

Placement: They should be placed near the bottom of aquariums on rock that they may encrust and cover. Take care to keep LPS and other more aggressive corals away.

General: StyloC is another awesome dark zone grower much like*cyphastrea. Use it to fill in those blank spots where not even soft coral will grow at the base of your reef.


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