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Don?t have experience with them, but the oval marks do look like the results of AEFW.


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Are you going to dip and QT the colonies? Did you consider trying UWC Purge for flatworms?

After seeing all the eggs I removed all the acro colonies I had in my tank since all of them were infected and the damage was done!my tank was over ran with flatworms and I was way to busy with work to worry about the problem.besides dipping wont get rid of the eggs anyway and I would be back to where to square one anyway.my tank been without acro's for well over 4 months,no signs of flatworms and now I'm back to frags...for all who reached out to me for frags of everything I had now you can understand why you didn't get any..I'm more of a responsible reefer than to pass along flatworms..and to those still holding on to grudges (and you know who you are) now you understand
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