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I came home today to find that my Acropora valida frag fell directly on my Montipora digita. Both corals waged war when I was at work and now a few branches on each coral are bleached.

Should I let the corals heal themselves or be pro-active and snip off the bleached branches?



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If you've got good water params, I'd let them be. I had a Euphyllia kick the daylights out of a Caulastrea 5 months ago, and I thought the Caulastrea was a gonner, but it's come back fully!


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If the bleaching area gets larger you better frag what you can. I had a hynophora sting an acro frag on it's lower half. In two days it was history. The hydno is a lot more aggressive than what you are dealing with so chances are yours will recover, but keep a close eye on them.


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i had the same thing happen with a couple of acro frags i have. both were burned pretty bad. after a week or so, i couldnt even tell it had happened. just leave em but watch for any further damage.


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At the first sign of RTN, make a few frags before the entire coral turns to jelly.

My green star polyps waged war on my capricornis for a few weeks. I let them fight, but the capricornis was no match for the long extended tendrils of the gsp, so I cut back the gsp from that area. The bleached part of the capricornis has almost completely come back to life.


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