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clam, sps corals and acropola which one demands more light? will they do fine under pc or must have mh? what do you guys think huh?
just asking, wanna know you guys oppinion :)


first off a acropora sp. is in the sps grouping.

it kind of depends on how deep your tank is top to bottom and how many watts your gonna put over them. they can both be housed under both types of lighting.


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SPS and clams are generally speaking very light loving so they would appreciate intense light such as that produced by the MH bulbs.


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Depends on the depth of the tank. What size tank do you have? For clams and SPS like acropora, you should seriously consider metal halides.



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I think it depends on the species of clam as well as the species of acropora. Also whether you want to keep the color of the acropora. I think intense lighting is required to keep blue acroporas blue. I personally would never keep a SPS & clam dominated tank without MH.

FWIW, Nathan


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actually i'm not intending to keep them. I was just wondering. just to know more. beside, it's hard to get acro here. over here sps come in cheap and can be see all over the marine shop (well there are not much marine shop here) but acro. hak~ I haven't only seen one of them~
and when I talk about acro i mean to keep the special coloured species in thier colour. I heard that they usually got brown when keep in tank. so they demand more light to be in red or blue?

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