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Hello, I want to start moving into more SPS corals mostly montiporas (caps, digi, stella, hirsuta). Been doing tons of research. I know the basics on stability, flow, and chemistry. Is there any other advice on keeping them? I eventually want to get an Acro or two once I see them doing well. As of right now it’s mushroom/zoa lps system.


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Dip every new addition and always check for eggs of nudibranchs, red bugs, black bugs etc.

sps pests are rather annoying to get rid of and their required treatments are not always available to the every day hobbyist


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"Knowing" is good. "Practice" is better.

Are you currently dosing for Alk/Calc? Monti's can really suck a lot of a system once they get going.

Lighting becomes more important.

For acros stability is key. They can be pretty unforgiving. Monti's are mostly a little more forgiving.

Keeping all of the plates spinning in the air at the same time for months at at time is important. Reliable RODI, accurate testing (magnetic stirrer like pool tests use), Hanna Alk Checker (not perfect but pretty darn good), PAR meter (borrow one, watch BRS videso on light set up, placement), accurate salinity testing (Electrical conductivity is more stable and accurate than refractometer), stable nutrient export, "worker" fishes, et

Did I forget to mention...an open wallet....


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easy SPS, montiepora capricornis, montiepora digitatas, any encrusting montiepora, actually any montiepora, heh.
All stylophoras are easier, they are used for lab experiments, and will look like it died out or bleached, but still come back from the brink of death.
Any of the cactus corals, pavonas species, will also come back from the brink of death, if its even possible to kill.
Hmm, I just listed what I have heh.
If anyone else knows of others, please list them.

Acros are so much more sensitive to N and P. I'm actually starting up my system (for the past season) and have a couple of acros die out, where the ones listed above are going strong.

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