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hey guys...

this is just a heads up for you to keep an eye on the staten island forum...

I am going to be compiling all the info i can on local resources to make getting things for this hobby as easy as possible..

- Getting ur tank drilled on the Island. (good idea bueller ;))
- Saltwater Fish/Reef Stores on the Island
- DIY Parts (will also include only the best .com sites)
- Plumbing parts
- Hardware Stores
- Fill up Locations for Co2
- Were to buy sand for your reef tank

these are just some of the things i would like to include in the thread.. I ask you guys to speak up and throw some ideas on the table to make the thread even better...

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
(please post ideas and suggestions on this thread)

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Hey Tony,

How about some good info on Drilling a tank....or someone who will drill a tank for you, since I shattered my 55 gallon when I tried...lol

Howell, NJ
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cali_reef said:
maybe listing the current traffic conditions? I alway get stuck in SI on my way to NJ:(.

Pedro said:
Just go to Tony's house :lol:

im a reefer not a traffic alert advisor... :lol2:....

Bueller yea there will be new threads from time to time for staten island reefers and anyone else interested to come on ova and trade frags every once in a while. there will also be events to and trips if ya guys want.... also swap some ideas and maybe do some diy since i almost have every tool available to man.. :lol2: was thinking once a month or so... i gotta do some thinking, brainstorming and get things rolling... great thinking...

LMAO @ pedro... i wouldnt mind... then after my house we can go hit up a bar or 2...

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