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Hi All!
This is mostly to say hi and with the hopes that all my friends have gotten through these terrible times without having the virus.

I haven't really done much with the tank other than a water change every 3 months, and without any skimming. I know that's bad, but it seems to agree with the livestock! I do run filter socks.
The tank itself is a 2'x2' rimless cube, basic sump. The lights are T5s mostly actinic and a 10k MH. The lights have been changed out regularly every 6 months.
Stay safe all!



Advanced Reefer
Hudson Valley
Looks good. If what you are doing is working, don't worry about the skimmer and more frequent water changes. Most of what you have in there is low maintenance stuff... low alk/cal uptake and likes the water a bit high in NO3/PO4 so you are probably right on target. Only thing I'd say is, you could probably go at least 18 months before changing out those bulbs. Also, that is a LOT of light for the coral you are keeping. With that said, I just see a bunch of healthy coral. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

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