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After years with the same aga 210 gallon tank I finally decided to upgrade
I wanted to document my build here more so i can look back in the future
original tank was 210 gallon aga standard with lifereef sump. The tank was in the wall with a custom oak facade.
In may I took delivery of my new custom tank from Miracles in Canada. Derek is a pleasure to work with and if anyone is looking for a custom builder i would definitely recommend them. Amazing customer service,I spoke to derek weekly about the tank until I got it.
overflow was cutout on the back with external box
starboard bottom
armour seams
starfire glass
lights will be radion xr30 blues 3xg5s and 2xg6
sump synergy reef
lifereef protein skimmer
geo reef 612 x2 calcium reactor
neptune apex and trident

I am gonna start with a mixture of marco , tonga and fiji rock, all acid washed, bleached and have been cooking in tanks for the last 4 months.
in the last 2 weeks i’ve been adding defferent bacteria in a bottle so hopefully this experiment works.

As for corals i think i am addicted to sps so most likely the tank will be acros,tenuis and millie’s but i got rid of all my corals to start new. All my previously colonies were grown from 1/2”-1 inch frags. Part of the fun of the hobby is watching them grow.
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tank move was sat June 4,2022
with the help of some amazing reefing buddies we got the tank up and leak tested
hopefully will be filled this week
filling a 200 with ro water is like watching water boil but i’m super excited to get this thing up and running View attachment 320244View attachment 320245View attachment 320246View attachment 320247View attachment 320248View attachment 320249View attachment 320250View attachment 320251View attachment 320252
That tank is really beautiful, just got a SCA 150 myself and love the eurobrace look

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