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Hi all, Haven't had a large tank in years and and just upgraded my nano to a IM 120 AIO tank set up. The tech has change so much since I had a large tank.
A couple of questions about this set up.
1. My options for Skimmers are limited but is there a way to have a skimmer in my stand?
2. On my Nano, Which I know is different I did not have a skimmer, I did water changes every two week and everything grow great. If I change 25gl of water every two week would I need a skimmer? Or is there some now tech I dont know about that might work. ex an algae scrubber and or reactors?
2. Is it better to go with two filter socks, one on each side, and reactors for Carbin, GFO, and Bio? Im using two caddy's with Chemi-Pure Blue, Marine Pure Biofilter Media Gems in each.
3. What should I do with water flow. Right now I have a gyre 4k on the far end of my tank that I thought would be enough. But I need something on the other end to get more of the dead spot any recommendations. The tank is 70 inc long and 16 inc high. was ghinking a Nero 3 on the other side.
4. It seems the baffils in the Overflow are useless because I have to keep the water so high to stop the slurping noise. Is there something I can 3D print or laser cut to be able to utilize the baffils? Or it just does not matter.

Does any one have this tank and can let me know what mods they implemented.

The tank is up and running since December. This is what I did so far.
Overflow Box

Ref for micro algea
Cut acrylic and made my own Micro Algea Caddy
ATO with New Tunze ATOIMG_4610.png

Three Nicrew 100

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This is my dream tank for a apt. I have the Sr 80 but had a crash & will be restocking slowly starting in May. Looking forward towards you're build.

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