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The Fall has finally arrived in Southern California. As the weather cools, we can't wait to sip hot coco, watch some football, cuddle with our loved ones, human or otherwise, and do some online shopping for our favorite coral deals!

On Monday, we will have over 700+ corals of all types, at up to 60% off
Insane coral drops every 5 minutes
$5 frags, mystery corals, unbeatable Euphyllia prices and more!

There will be 3 lucky winner!
1st place : $300 coral credit
2nd - $100 coral credit + Triton ICP test
3rd - $50 coral credit + Triton ICP test

Max 2 (two) $5 corals per person in total, for every $5 coral you must also purchase a non-$5 coral.) All backed by our robust guarantee. We will automatically combine shipping.

Drops will be announced on Reef2Reef, appear on this page for purchase. 5-7 corals per batch, drops every few minutes. Due to already heavily discounted prices, you must purchase a shipping module in order to participate in the FlashSale (unless have purchased $150 or more in the main store). ALL Corals sales are final, please no substitutions.​


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