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In celebration of this great news we are having a fish and coral sale

BUY ONE and get the second of equal or lesser value for 50% off on all fish and coral. 15% off if you buy only one piece (inverts not included in sale) SALE ENDING 02/10/20

Thanks to our great distributors and wholesalers all over the country, we have been able to get shipments from many different places in the World. This week we received shipments from Jarkata and Australia. Tomorrow we are receiving coral shipments from Tonga, Bali and Jarkata. We are also getting fish in from SriLanka, Bali, Caribbean and Philippines. There will be hundreds of new corals to see and purchase. We also have large and small Maxima clams at great prices.

We have not forgotten all of OUR fresh water enthusiasts. We received shipments from Bangkok, Singapore, Philippines and Jarkata.

Sunday shipments will be arriving around NOON and will be in the display tanks by 1PM.

Aquarium Village is proud to announce one of the largest selections of LIVE FOOD available. Come see our new fresh Copepods, Brine Shrimp, Phytoplankton and Daphnia Magna live food dispensers. We also have Black Worms, Ghost Shrimp, Feeder Guppies and Feeder Goldfish.

We also have the largest selection of frozen food available at great prices. We carry Hikari, Ocean Nutrition, San Francisco Bay, Pro Salt, Larry's, Piscine and most Reef Nutrition Products. We also have shelves and shelves of dry food.

We are your one stop destination for Food, Fish Coral, Tanks, Stand, Led Lights and all equipment. We can order any product if we do not have it in stock and get it in 1-3 days.

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