Fish Town has HUGE clams for sale 10"+ in size. I was there today and saw 4 sqamosas and 1 derasa. Nice and healthy... they were asking $139


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I sas the clams today and they were very large. They look really nice and very health, fully open.

They had alot of Red Sea Fish also, here is the list if things that were really nice from the Red Sea:

Asfer Angels Large about 6"-9" inches with full streamers. These were beautiful very large size perfect color and in excellent condition and for only $89. If I didn't have one I defintely would have taken one of the 4 large ones that they had. They also had a couple of smaller ones. If you every wanted a large Asfer Angel this is really a can't miss oportunity.

Ex-Large Purple Tangs for $69. They where 6"+ and look really great, assome size. Also had Large-Small ones.

Large Blonde Naso for $79. They where 6"-8" and they had small Blonde Naso $59. They where 4"-6". They where all in good shape.

Red Sea Masked Puffer Large:$69
Large Red Sea Niger Triggers $69. Theses where excellent color and size.
Red Checked Butterfly from the Red Sea for $49. They were in good shape but not the best, or worst , butterfly fish.

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