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So I started a thread that I was looking to buy a new pump and skimmer. I got a PM from CORALS MANIA before I new it I had a price quote, the prices were the cheapest I had gotten on the the new pump and skimmer. Then I sent a paypal payment to Johnny at CORALS MANIA and a request to have the stuff by the weekend. And before I know it , my new skimmer and pump are on my front door by 1:00 thursday afternoon, less then 2 days later. My request was granted by the customer service and dedication of Johnny at CORALS MANIA. Stay tuned for more to come, I will post pictures of the skimmer and pump before and after the install. Thanks again to Johnny and the great staff at CORALS MANIA.:tongueani:splitspin


Advanced Reefer
Tobyhanna, PA
Charles, thank you for those kind words! It was a pleasure to provide you the information, product, and customer service that a buyer should get.

I'm looking forward to see your ASM4 Protien Skimmer and Panworld setup. If there is anything else you need please do not hesitate to call me. Usually, I'm able to fulfill and ship and order the sameday, depending the time of day.

Don't forget to post pictures of your setup. And if you need answer question, feel free to contact me or post a thread on this forum, there are many guys and gals here who are experience and would be happy to share there thoughts.

Best regards,

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