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I have a 48" Metal Halide fixture to trade for your 48" T5

Specs on my fixture:
  • 48" 2 x 250W HQI 14K Phoenix 48" Odyssea Metal halide fixture 2 x 250W HQI 14K Phoenix
  • 4x 65W T5 HO
  • 6x Dual Bluemoon LED
  • Mounting sliding legs
Replaced the original ballast with a Brand New Dual 250W e-ballast by Coralvue. I had purchase this Fxture & Dual Ballast Brand New in July 08. The 14K Phoenix bulbs purchase October 08. I know not to many people do not take kind to this brand, but being an owner twice on these lights and I know a few members who can vouch that the Odyssea MH Fixture not bad and for the price, are pretty satisfied with there

If you have a 48" T5 you want to trade PM what you have, with condition.
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