Advanced Reefer
Tobyhanna, PA
Hello Guys and Gals!
A few here already known of my decision, of not being a vendor on MR.

Josh, had sent me a reminder that my Vendor forum has expired and ask me if I wanted at this time to renew it. My replied at this time, "that I did not wanted to renew my membership". It was soley my choice, not to renew.

Anyhow, I will still be here but not as a vendor capacity. I will buy and trade only.

Those I did business with, thank you for the business!



Its great having you hear Johnny. You still have my number so we'll keep in touch. Plaining to be at the Great wolf Lodge in Oct. So maybe I can swing by :)


Barnum Island
Best of luck to you Johnny, I'm sure you made the best decision for yourself and your growing family!
Good that we'll still have you around these parts :)


Old School Reefer
Far Rockaway
Johnny, I wish you, and the family all the best the Good Lord has to offer!
I'm sure you have made the best decision for what ever your reason.;)

By the way, Zoe is looking more and more beautiful each day. If that is possible.:hug:

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