Coral SPS Frag Pack


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Just seeing what's out there.

I'll be looking to purchase a nice SPS frag pack sooner or later (month time frame). I like pre-planning my next purchase so want to know who I can purchase from, deals to be had, etc.

What I'm looking for? No, I don't want your birdsnest frag pack....

Looking for some decent priced or OG SPS pieces....more you have of the ones named the better.

OG Garf Bonsai
OG Red Planet
Walt the Blonde Pornstar Disney

Would like to have:
ATL shades of fall
Pink lemonade
Red Dragon
Bali Green Slimer
Rommels Milli
Sunset Milli
Strawberry shortcake
Bubble gum digi

Anything with real nice color, interested but not looking to pay outside of the WD for a 75-100 for a 1" or less frag.

I should have several zoas ready to frag in the next month if interested to reduce price as well.