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Anyone near 07104 that provides / is into aquarium maintenance?

I am interested in hiring someone to assist with the following:
  • Clean 2 overflows (there are barnacles and other growth in the pipes)
  • Remove, clean, re-install overflow return PVC lines
    • With re-installing the UV, we will be installing a 2nd UV unit, both connect and next to each other
    • I am considering just buying new overflow pipes to avoid the hassle to brush cleaning
  • Remove, clean, re-install UV filter
  • Re-organize tank stand including
    • Drain remove & replace sump
    • Drain and remove old ATO
  • Install the new sump including
    • Install new return pump and new manifold (I have the design and all of the manifold parts)
  • Remove canopy & clean / dust off all lights
  • Replace vinyl lines to chiller and back flush chiller
    • With new vinyl lines, install union valves for easier future maintenance
If I had to do all this by myself, I would estimate it to be an 8 hour job.
If I had help, I would estimate it to be 4 to 6 hours.

I know there are stores with maintenance services but most do not do this and the ones that do want $100+ per hour. At such rates, it starts making more sense to just take the day off.

If you know what you are doing and charge reasonably, ping me. Thanks