I am looking to buy a pistol shrimp, I prefer a tiger pistol but am open to others.

If you are near the Manhattan area, LIC, Astoria, Williamsburg, or Westchester and have one for sale please let me know, thank you.


Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Queens, NY
NY reef aquatics in Flushing stock multiple species of shrimp. you can order them in advance also.
From there, I've picked up 3 different species of boxers, blue, yellow and regular,
both cleaners, skunk, blood.
2 kinds of anemone shrimps, sexy and the peacock,
They have other species of shrimps over time.,
Inventory is different week to week,


BooSten Audi A4 -Aim
Staten Island
Might stop by tomorrow, thanks
Call the reef shoppe and try iconic aquariums. I got my red stripe from iconic a few weeks ago. Finally paired up with my yasha goby


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