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Hi everyone!

My first post here since I was recommended to join by a local fish store. I have had experience all in freshwater/tropical tanks. However, I want to venture into saltwater as I have always been afraid, but am now eager to! I know that is an expensive hobby and would like to say upfront that I am looking for a low tech beginner setup. I purchased a 75G bare glass tank from the Petco sale. From there, I have nothing else and my goal is to have a clownfish, a group of schooling fish and a cleaner crew…AND CORAL! I love coral and want to get into it, especially with the anemone that clownfish need. I understand how the nitrogen cycle works and have done some preliminary research.

Right now, my plan is to start with crushed coral, live rock and some fish food to kick off the cycle! For sumps, I am only looking for those that can fit underneath a standard 75G dimension. Thank you in advance to everyone!


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I have a whole setup for 75g. Sump, light, overflow, skimmer and plumbing. I can give them to you cheap since they are used and perfect for someone like you trying for saltwater. Tank and stand also available

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