New York City
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hey peeps! looking to ideally trade but open to purchase also Is needed.

looking for pink and purple corals as below open to suggestions if not listed. mostly softies and some certain sps for a lemonpeel angelfish tank with the knowledge he will munch.

would love some of these if possible:

-purple Capricornis
-purple digitata
-pink birdsnest
-pink pocillopora
-purple scoll
-pinkish softies (No xenia or koji Wada as I have some)
-Pink or purple frogspawn, hammers or torches
pink or purple ricordia
open to suggestions With what you might have!

unfortunately due to the taste buds of lemonpeels no zoanthids or fleshy LPs corals like blastos, micromusa, scolys, brains.
im located in Astoria 11102.

for trade: pink koji wada, ponape birdsnest, several zoanthid types, green anacrapora, Xenia, grafted digi green and red, green pocillopora various gorgonians can see some of what I have available in pic below.


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