sexy shrimp


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pico?! I gotta see it, sometimes the tiniest tanks turn out to be the best looking. Any pics?

Ps. Don't know where you could get sexy shrimp.


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yeh def some of the tank on are awsome so a guy with a fuge that was the size of a cup(ok im exagerating) and the line from the tankk to the fuge which was on the same level was airline tubing. it was so cute..
CLOWN25 you try NWA they might have.


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Been to several LFS this week. Just the usual suspects, no sexy shrimp. I love pico tanks. A couple of zoas, some small rocks and the entire thing just looks awesome!!! Good luck with that project. I look forward to your pics. Here is a link to a pico tank this guy made. He ended up with clams, cleaner shrimp and a seahorse. It just looks so good!!!! Talk about easy water changes!!


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thanks guys... yup im working on mine.. just no time to make a diary of it... ill just post the finish product soon.... i really want a sexy shrimp to go with my pico.... so i hope when you visit any local fish store and see one please let me know asap! hehehehe :)

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