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So I am a Zoa fanatic...that can't keep Zoas!! I have tried everything for this one animal and no luck. I have spent thousands on them and they always fail to thrive and then melt away. My parameters are perfect, my water is dirty enough, and I have eliminated the possibility of pests like Zoa eating Nudi's. So now I am trying to fiddle with my lighting--perhaps it is too strong and that is what is melting them. I have 3 Ecotech radion XR30 Pro's with diffusers, and 4 DIY T5's. I'm hoping that someone has a template for the Radions they can share that is good for growing Zoas?


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that sounds like a lot of light to me. Im running two ai primes on a 40B and my max blues are at 80% and white at 25%. All my zoas are doing fantastic (like 8 types). I have green monti red monti sunset monti purple bonsai acros cyphastreas anemones (green and a rbta) jack o lantern and a lot more and everything is looking great.

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