Lionfish, watch your back!

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Filleting a Lionfish

Lad Akins from REEF demonstrates how to safely fillet a lionfish. Check out the video to find out how to turn lionfish spines into skewers or toothpicks. For more information on Lionfish, please visit

You know you are in trouble when your species has been declared a local delicacy and chefs are sharing recipes on how to maximize your flavor.  Oh, poor lionfish.  You thought no one would notice as you slipped into the food chain of the Eastern US seaboard.  No one would mind you dining on all the small shrimp and killies in Florida, The Carolinas, and Long Island, right?

Think again.  Local fisherman, protecting their turf and local stocks, are choosing the strongest weapon we have in our arsenal, the American stomach.  Merely declaring the lionfish a tasty treat has led to a popular book on preparation, a lionfishing competition, and one organization to declare of the lionfish “There is simply no greener fish to eat”.  Do your part, eat these invasive fish when available instead of tuna, sea bass, wild salmon, etc.

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