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Includes all of our banner sizes:   
Banners run on the following properties: Homepage/Blog Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
Reefs Magazine Forums
Affiliate Forums

How long until I see my banner?
Banners are uploaded and activated within 24 hours.

Can I run multiple banners?
You can run multiple banners at one time but each banner must be purchased in increments of 1 month or more.

Why is my banner shown infrequently?
During the first 2-3 days of your banner going live it is being primed into our delivery cache system.  After that time it will be fully balanced against other banners in the same location.

Can I change my banner?
Absolutely.  Updated banners ensure you get the most value from the advertising program.  Users click on newer ads more frequently.  You will receive an email containing a link to where you can update your banner 24/7.  Please note that after uploading a new banner your banner will not automatically be shown for approximately 24 hours.

If you need assistance with the banner formats please contact

What file formats are accepted?
Banners must be one of the following formats:

  • GIF (animated gifs are ok as long as they are less than 400kb)
  • PNG (must be minified and less than 300kb)






What stats do you offer?
We record weekly Impressions/Clicks/CTR/CPC.  Stats are available to you at any time.  Reports are released on Sundays.

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