What do you feed a 5 tonne whale shark?

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To prologue his video, here is a snippet written by Chris Burgin of his awe-inspiring experience with the three gentle giants that grace Georgia Aquarium’s main display tank.

What came next was one of the most enchanting moments I have ever personally witnessed. […] As feeding time approached, the ventilation fans used to agitate the surface of the water in the middle of Ocean Voyager were turned off. We were told that the whale sharks were actually able to recognize this as an indication of an approaching feast. Our excitement built as we noticed that several animal care members were mounting the small inflatable rafts we had seen earlier with long feeding poles in hand. Suddenly it became readily apparent what the long ropes stretched lengthwise across the aquarium top were for. I was amazed to hear that each whale shark is trained to go to a specific rope during feeding time, to ensure that everyone is properly fed.

Read the full story at Aquatic Envy;  It’s a very well-written and fun read.

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