Oliver Knott’s Dragon Hunter Scape Planted Aquarium

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Oliver Knott's Dragon Hunter Scape Planted Aquarium

The Dragon Hunter Scape at The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2013



Water Dragon


Advanced aquarists usually aren’t the biggest fans of artificial aquarium decorations, but I think most of us would make an exception for this …

A year ago, professional German aquarium designer and consultant Oliver Knott entered this planted aquarium work of art into the aquscaping competition, The Art of the Planted Aquarium.  His unconventional design did not win that year, but the “Dragon Hunter Scape” aquarium has definitely made a lasting impression on anyone who has seen it.

The dragon was painstakingly sculpted by Giulio Golinelli (Italy) using polymer clays and acrylic paint over a metal substructure.  The intricate details on the dragon, including the above-water island on its back, are unspeakably beautiful.  Oliver Knott then surrounded the dragon with choice rock and aquatic plants to complete a fantasy aquascape unlike any other.

Here is a video of the making of Dragon Hunter Scape:





Oh yeah, Oliver Knott also submitted this aquarium into the competition.  This man exudes creativity!


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