Chronicling Utopia: Pedro Rosa’s latest aquascape masterpiece

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Chronicling Utopia: Pedro Rosa's latest aquascape masterpiece

17 gallons of Utopia by Pedro Rosa

Summary of Pedro Rosa’s Utopia:

  • ADA 60P 17 gallon aquarium (W60×D30×H36cm)
  • ADA Hornwood
  • Seiryu Stone
  • ADA Amazonia Soil
  • Plants:  Topica’s Montecarlo, Ludwigia sp. and Eleocharis sp. Eleocharis Acicularis.
  • Mosses: Topica’s Vesicularia ferriei ‘Weeping’ and Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Spiky’.
  • Animals: ~30 Paracheirodon simulans (Green Neon Tetra); 3x Crossocheilus siamensis (SAE – Siamese algae eater); 1x Ancistrus sp.; 1x Otocinclus” sp. “Paraguay; ~10 Caridina cantonensis sp. “Red” (Crystal Red Shrimp)

Our admiration for Pedro’s aquascaping talent should go without saying once you’ve watched these videos.  But his ability to clearly capture and define his creative process through the camera is equally worthy of respect.

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