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Omega ONE

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Omega ONE is a well-known manufacturer of quality frozen, freeze dried, and dry food for all kinds of aquatic animals, both freshwater and saltwater. This family-operated company, which started in the frozen land of Sitka, Alaska, has been providing fish foods for the past 15 years, harvesting the ingredients for their flakes and pellets using sustainable practices in this northernmost US state. Although they already offer a broad spectrum of products, the team behind Omega ONE brand is introducing a new, interesting take on frozen food treats: a quick-thaw pod.



The product is currently offered in four different varieties (three in picture):

-brine shrimp

-super brine shrimp (brine shrimp infused with spirulina algae)

-Mysis shrimp


The food comes in a resealable plastic pouch containing 30 individually-sealed pods with a combined weight of 4oz.


This clever idea allows for a faster, cleaner approach to thawing frozen food- you can grab one pod, set it aside for few minutes to thaw (or throw it under running water to speed up the process) and enjoy a mess-free kitchen afterwards.



The convenient, pre-proportioned pods are perfect for when you have to ask your non-aquarists friends to watch your tank when you are away.

According to the manufacturer itself, all four varieties of Omega ONE new frozen food contain no dyes or preservatives, are cleaned using an 8-step process, and are flash frozen to preserve all nutritional value. Below is guaranteed analysis of each product and few close-up pictures of the varieties I received for this article.

Brine shrimp

_DSC7454 _DSC7463 _DSC7467

Guaranteed Analysis:

Min. Crude Protein …..….7.6%

Min. Crude Fat …………..1.6%


Max. Crude Fiber ….……1.4%

Max. Moisture…..…..….85.2%

Max. Ash………….……….3.4%

Mysis shrimp

_DSC7455 _DSC7462 _DSC7465

Guaranteed Analysis:

Min. Crude Protein …..….3.7%

Min. Crude Fat ……..…..0.44%


Max. Crude Fiber …..……0.3%

Max. Moisture…..………….92%


_DSC7456 _DSC7460 _DSC7466

Guaranteed Analysis:

Min. Crude Protein …..….6.3%

Min. Crude Fat …………..0.8%

Max. Crude Fiber ….……0.3%

Max. Moisture…..…..….91.2%


Omega ONE is currently available for sale and each pouch of their four different offerings retails for $7-$8 US.

Visit Omega ONE website for more info.

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