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By Richard Aspinall 9 months ago
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clam,  tridacnid We all love a good tridacnid; here are a few gems I shot on a recent trip.  The very first time I saw a wild tridacnid, I was quite amazed.  I’d seen them on TV of course, but I wasn’t expecting them to be as variable as they are.  That was quite a while ago, and I guess I have become less impressed with them – familiarity breeding contempt perhaps? clam,  tridacnidSo, when I remember, I try to take a few photos just to remind myself of their variability and astounding beauty.  I should add that these images, from the Red Sea, are mainly showcasing Tridacna squamosa.  I’m not the best at clam ID, especially when the individual is embedded within coral, so please feel free to correct me.  I won’t be offended. clam,  tridacnidclam,  tridacnid I’ve never yet found a satisfying answer as to why tridacnids are so variable in coloration and patternation; I have harbored a suspicion that they look a little like noxious flatworms when seen from above, but I don’t think anyone else shares that opinion.  In fact, I’m not sure if anyone really knows why such variability occurs. No two clams are the same, and perhaps that’s just the way it is. clam,  tridacnidclam,  tridacnid

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