Tank & Sump Volume Calculators

Tank Volume Calculator

This calculator helps you identify the total volume in gallons of your main aquarium or sump.  The tank must be a square or rectangle, other shapes are not currently supported.

[calculator id=”TVC”]

Minimum Sump Volume Calculator

This calculator is designed to tell you the minimum size of the sump needed if you have an overflow in your main tank.  When the power goes off the water that is above your tank overflow level, as well as the water that is above the level of your returns (if you do not have check valves or air inlets) will siphon back into the sump.  Because of this, the sump may overflow.  The sump should be sized to appropriately to handle this influx of water.

In this form you enter the dimensions of the main aquarium; length, width, and the number of inches that the water is above the overflow/returns during normal tank operation.

[calculator id=”MSV”]