Coral Frenzy Reformulates Powder and Pellet Food

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Feeding, Industry

coral frenzy pellets

Coral Frenzy has improved its popular line of coral food by reformulating both the powder and pellet feeds. One reason behind the change was to improve compliance with international requirements. This allows the company to sell its food in both Japan and Australia. Coral Frenzy also added probiotics to help maintain good water quality.

A new logo and improved packaging are also a part of the changes. The company is no longer selling 1mm pellets so the powder and .5mm pellets are the only two options for reefkeepers.

My Personal Experience with Coral Frenzy

Personally, I use Coral Frenzy food every now and then so I was certainly pumped to give their improved products a try. MORE


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