Mycedium sp.
Name: AA Clemson Tiger Chalice
Genus: Mycedium
Type: Chalices

Photo Courtesy of: Reef Gen
Color: Purple, Yellow
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: High
Lighting: High

An exotically colored Mycedium Aussie Chalice with pigment colors that match the Clemson Tigers school colors. The surface of the coral develops a solid dark blue purple coloration. The eyes have a solid orange center mouth area that is surrounded by a mix of orange and green pigments. The AA Clemson Tiger chalice was exported from Australia back in late 2012. Reeffarmers acquired our seed of this coral during the fall of 2013 directly from Rit at the Atlanta Aquarium reef store ( Rit recommends low light and weak water current. Photo courtesy of Reef Farmers.

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