Acid Rain Watermelon Chalice

Coral Type: Chalices

Scientific Name:
Genus: Unknown
Color: Red, Yellow
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Low
Lighting: Low
Photo Courtesy of: Reef Gen

The Acid Rain Watermelon Chalice is a uniquely pigmented chalice coral that has similar traits found within the watermelon group. Its leading growth edge can develop the Watermelon green edge that helps define the watermelon visual. Corallites contain a mix of bright pigments that include pink and gold. Additional coloration characteristics however help to define the Acid Rain nature of this coral. Each corallite contains unique patterns of pink, red and golden pigments, while corallite edges can develop turquoise blue streaks. The red surface of the coral also contains bright yellow/golden pigments on the top of radiating ridges. In certain lighting conditions the green edge can turn golden colored.

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