Captain America Palythoa


Genus: Palythoa
Palythoa sp.
Color: Red, Blue, Green

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Medium
Flow: Medium
Photo courtesy of: Reeffarmers


his is an amazing medium sized polyp that contains an incredible array of pigments. There are orange/reds, pinks, dark blues, bright blues, intense greens as well as bright turquoise pigments. The polyp mouth is ringed with bright fluorescent turquoise. Pigment spots occur all over the disk and an interesting pattern of orange red pigments occur centered around the mouth of the polyp. The tentacles are bright fluorescent green and tentacle tips are stripped with fluorescent turquoise. The main polyp disk area is orange/red and ringed with a dark blue area. Orange spots and patterns occur throughout the disk. Photo and text courtesy of Reeffarmers.