Criminal Minds Chalice


Genus: Echinophyllia
Echinophyllia echinoporides
Color: Pink, Purple

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Low
Flow: Low
Photo courtesy of: Reef Gen


A spectacularly colored chalice that has bright red lines across a blue main body color. The Criminal Minds chalice is similar to one of the old school retired chalices that Reeffarmers distributed way back in 2005. The Ponape Echinophyllia echinoporides had a bluish background, but it stripes were not as bright red and not as extensive. That chalice was one of the first exotically colored chalices back in the day, but it was difficult to propagate long term. The Criminal Minds Chalice not only has more spectacular color, but it also fragments well and grows well in captivity.