Lasers Pastel Rainbow Nasuta

Coral Type: SPS

Scientific Name: Acropora nasuta
Genus: Acropora
Color: Blue
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: High
Lighting: High
Photo Courtesy of: Reeffarmers

A blue polyped Acropora nasuta that actually keeps its coloration fairly easily. Most of the previous blue polyped Nasuta Acropora have had difficulty maintaining colorful pigmentation after being moved to new captive systems. They typically would turn into brown sticks with blue polyps. The Lasers Pastel Rainbow Nasuta can redevelop these incredible pigments fairly easy when maintained under moderate light levels. Branch tips are either bright blue or bright purple. Corallites are bright blue. Polyps are green to blue. Branch stems vary from purple blue to green to turquoise to a golden cream color.

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